Each team member has their own vibe, specialty and hourly rate. Gioia Salon stands behind services that are inclusive and gender neutral. Sessions are booked only based on the time needed to achieve your hair goals. The bigger the change, the more time we will suggest!

Every client that comes to Gioia Salon is unique. Which means every client will need something different. Our stylists range from $70-$250 an hour so that your hair can align with your budget. We know your hair is an investment and we want you to feel confident about that! 

There are no surprise costs or up-charges, you will always know exactly what you are paying when you book. Any extra “add-ons” that can be done in your session is yours with no extra cost. For example:

Need an brow wax or a conditioning treatment? Maybe you’d love to add a curl at the end? You’ve got it, no extra charge. Whatever your stylist can fit into your scheduled appointment, you shall receive. 

As always, our clients are our main priority and we are excited to offer you this premium experience. Appointments will always include a blow-dry so that our work is guaranteed. We believe in quality over quantity. If you aren't sure what to book, email or text us a picture of your hair! We are here to help you reach your hair goals.

Our Rates

Gina - $250/hour

Sophia - $200/hour

Kristen - $120/hour

Katie - $120/hour

Meredith - $100/hour

Hannah - $90/hour

Sophie - $85/hour

Jill - $80/hour